Upcoming Changes to Soil Relocation in British Columbia March 2022 Update

Upcoming Changes to Soil Relocation in British Columbia, March 2022 Final Policy Update

Watch the webinar summary to learn what soil relocation changes in BC and how that can affect your project workflow and budgets.


The British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy issued a final policy paper titled “Regulating Soil Relocation.”

The paper details the Ministry’s proposed new regulatory system for the movement of uncontaminated soil within the province of British Columbia.

The upcoming changes will enact as part of the Stage 14 Amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation.

These new regulations will make moving soil from a wide variety of sites more difficult and costly, potentially disrupting excavation schedules and logistics.

We invited Travis Deeter, P.Ag., CSAP, Associate and Senior Environmental Scientist with Thurber Engineering, to share his insights on the topic.

Points covered include:

  • Final policy paper review
  • Changes from intentions paper
  • Who does this apply to
  • Q & A Session (Starts at 0:21:17)

Visit the ministry website to download a copy of the PDF file.

BC Soil Relocation Working Group

The new policy guidelines create more questions and will require more guidelines. Many stakeholders are still unclear on the implications of their current business activities and what changes or adjustments are needed to stay compliant.

There is no precedence for these changes, making it hard to differentiate between guidance and protocols.

That is why we created the BC Soil Relocation Working Group, where you can join the conversation.

In this working group session, you’ll get a chance to share your perspective, processes, and solutions on creating better collaboration within the construction and earthmoving sector.

Who Is This For

  • Anyone involved in soil relocation in British Columbia can join the group.
  • Government, cities & municipalities
  • Approved professionals and service providers
  • Excavation and relocation services
  • Transfer stations
  • Resource regeneration
  • Aggregate providers
  • Testing facilities
  • And more...

Let’s work together to create better solutions.




For more questions about this webinar, please contact:

Travis Deeter, P.Ag., CSAP
Environmental Scientist Associate
Thurber Engineering Ltd.

Mana Arabi, P.Eng
CEO & Co-founder
Fill Connect Inc.