Get more referrals for your construction business by listing your services on

Is your construction services business missing out on sales?

To get more sales, you need to make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Many people now use the internet to find answers, solutions, and recommendations before they buy anything. That also includes any products and services related to the construction industry.

That's why listing your services on multiple websites, social media platforms, and apps is important.

Each new listing can point back to your main construction company website and create "backlinks." Backlinks are essential for your business because they help search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing understand that your website is relevant to your industry and local market.

The more relevant your website is, the more people will find it.

What to do if your construction services business does not have a website

If your construction services business does not have a website yet, don't worry, you are not alone.

Over 62% of construction-related businesses in Canada fall under the "Micro" level. Which means they have between 1-4 employees or seasonal contractors.

37% fall under the "Small" business category with 5 – 99 employees or seasonal contractors.

Many of the micro and small construction businesses have no websites. Their only business communication sources are the phone or free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.

Building a website can be overwhelming. There are so many questions to address that most people give up before they even start. Questions like:

  • What should the content be?
  • What should the headlines say?
  • What layout and design should be used?
  • What platform should be used?
  • Who will maintain and update the website?
  • What are the calls to action?
  • How can it be made mobile friendly?
  • How are people going to find the website once it is built?

If you are not sure how to proceed with your construction website, contact local web consulting agencies in your area, and they can help. 

In the meantime, start listing your services on sites like Fill Connect and creating a simple social media business page on

Your LinkedIn company profile can serve as your temporary website until you get one ready.

How to list your services on the Fill Connect resources page

Listing your services on Fill Connect is easy. 

  1. Open a new account or log in to
  2. Click on the "My Services" Tab and choose the "Add Services" option
  3. Fill out your company details like name, address, and contact details
  4. Choose a category of the marketplace that you support, such as excavation, demolition, trucking, landscaping, junk removal etc...
  5. Add a short paragraph describing your services
  6. Upload your business logo if you have one (Optional)
  7. Add a link to your current website. If you don't have a website, you can leave this option blank or link to a social media profile page like LinkedIn.
  8. Click on the "Post" button, and your listing will now appear on the Fill Connect resources page 

Don't leave your business to chance. Help people find you and list your construction-related services on now.

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Contact our support team, and we can help you list your services, resize your logo to fit, and inspire you to write a catchy description for your business services.