Save More Time and Money With Team Collaboration and A Private Fill Exchange System

Are your construction teams wasting unnecessary time and money on Fill Material?

Dealing with "fill material" can get expensive, especially when your organization works on multiple construction projects.

That's because construction teams at large organizations usually work in silos.

Team members might turn to third-party vendors and pay premium prices to handle their fill material needs, unaware that some of their colleagues have what they need.

With the Fill Connect Enterprise Edition, your teams can now save more time, money, and the environment by using a private fill exchange system.

Each team member can post their fill needs and view map listings for internal and nearby fill resources at the same time.

Keep Your New Projects Private

By choosing the "Make Private" option, your team members can hide private listings from the general map.

Private listings are only visible to members of your organization.

Using the filter feature, your teams can focus on internal saving opportunities before spending unnecessary time and money dealing with external suppliers.

Add Unlimited Users

As an enterprise member, you can invite and manage an unlimited number of users with the same email domain to your account.

You can invite and manage your team members by clicking on the "Members" tab.

Click on the "Add New Member" button, type in their name and email address, and then click "Submit".

An email invitation will be sent to the new team member.

You can view who has accepted the invitation.

And delete members when they leave your organization.

Start saving more time and money by improving your team collaboration and industry connections.

Contact to set up your enterprise account.